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For more than 35 years, Ruby Surgical has been developing and manufacturing a diverse line of quality cotton and wound care products for a wide range of businesses and industries. Ruby Surgical's rigid quality control and procedures that are developed over 3 decades help us guarantee that our products are designed and manufactured to provide the highest degree customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Ruby Surgical

Ruby Surgical recognizes that medical textile products, by virtue of their sensitive application, require impeccable quality and to attain this Ruby Surgical’s manufacturing facility is designed and equipped with an integrated production line starting from bleaching all the way till packing. Our state of the art machinery, safe work environment and employees work in synergy to manufacture top of the line products that meet the most rigorous and stringent international standards and specifications required for cotton & wound care products.

The foray of Ruby Surgical in cotton and wound care products was result of our founders knowledge of medical textiles and wound healing process processes with use of antiseptic and disinfectants. Today, Ruby Surgical offers well proven product line developed over 3 decades of combining medical textiles with antiseptic and/or disinfectants to ensure optimal care and healing in wound care.

Over the course of these 3 decades Ruby Surgical has collected vast knowledge, best practices and in-depth medical textile knowledge in the field of manufacturing cotton and wound care products.

Our Product Lines

Cotton Products

Cotton Products

Ruby Surgical has been a surgical cotton manufacturer for over three decades and and offers a wide variety of medical application products. Our cotton product range includes absorbent cotton (wool rolls, zig-zag, balls) and many more. To ensure highest quality all these products are manufactured as per IP / BPC / BP requirments and follow a strict quality control process.

Wound Care Products

Wound Care Products

Ruby Surgical's wound care products include impregnated dressing with paraffin, chlorhexidine acetate, povidone iodine, etc. The non-medicated products are combine dressing, eyepad and gauze swabs. All these products are listed in official componendos and are duly approved by FDA regulations. Additionally all these products are terminally sterlized by Gamma Irradiation to ensure safety for its application.

Hospital Supplies

Hospital Products

Ruby Surgical's hospital supplies includes a wide variety of products such as surgical dressing that cater to the day to day needs of hospitals. Our products are frequently in demand with the surgery and orthopaedic departments. We also supply these products to various other health related institutions such as health care facilities, medical professionals, businesses and government agencies.

Private Label Supplies

Private Label Supplies

Ruby Surgical can assist you in taking your concept and then designing, sourcing and producing a wide range of cotton and wound care products under private label. We will work with you through out the life cylce of your products development, manufacturing and packing. We offers a wide variety of packaging options and our experienced in-house team will trun your idea to reality.